miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Teams are a blessing

  We welcome teams.  They always give us a boost and leave a blessing behind.  What do teams do?

                           They pose for pictures

      They work with children, telling them of God's Love

                  They eat all kinds of different foods


              They build walls and do all kinds of construction.

They  sight see some interesting things, like the caves  So come and join us.  We do a lot more things that we can't fit onto this page.The ladies of the barrio come to do crafts, get their fingernails polished and hear God's word.  Teans are  ministered to.  So come and join us.

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

Meet our pastors

          Meet our Pastors:   Kenny and Claudia Gomez

They have the cutest little boy, John David 

They have quite a romantic story.  Kenny has 13 siblings.  He went to church because he liked a girl there.  He didn't get the girl, but he found someone better.  God got a hold of his heart and he fell in love with the King of Kings.  His family didn't accept him so he moved out and lived in a room above the church.  He became an excellent worship leader.  In Bible school he kept showing us a picture of a beautiful girl from the States that he met from a misions team.

Claudia's father left her mother and went to live in the States with another woman.  When Claudia was 14 her mother died of cancer so she was sent to the States to live with her father who was not a  Christian  She found a Spanish Assemblies of God church and started attending.  There a family "adopted" her and she lived with them.  Her church came to the Dominican Republic on a miisions trip.  She met Kenny, and the rest is history.

Kenny graduates from Bible School

Our pastors are doing a great job.  We feel confident that they will lead the church to higher ground.   Claudia is a beautiful singer and is often asked to sing at special events.   Kenny is asked to lead in worship  at conferences and preach at rallies.  We thank
God for giving us competent pastors.

viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

A Mexican Feast with the Castlegar Ladies

   We had a delightful time visiting old friends  and churches in British Columbia.

In Castlegar the ladies had a Mexican theme for their banquet.  They sure know how to spoil missionaries.  We really enjoyed their love and kindness.

Some of the beautiful girls who joined us.  Thank you very much. 

  It was wonderful to have a techie in the house when wen stayed with family.  Our 13 year old Sophia was a huge help to me.  She seems to know everything that I needed help with in my computer. "How do you know so much? "  I asked.  "I was just born with it," was her reply.  She said she just knows.   It must be that the young people are born with some kind of chip in their brains.  Yay for Sophie.
Here she's catching pigeons when they visited us in the Dominican Republic last Christmas.

lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

The Church that the Teams Built

  • Thank you to everyone who came and worked hard in the heat to  make our church                              building a reality.

At first it was just a back yard which had to be cleared.  It had a tree in it that had to be chopped down.  The team worked hard to clear the ground and prepare it  for construction.  They brought funds with them to start laying the foundation.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Gerry Stoltzfooz from Freedom Valley  in Gettysburg brought a crew of men who worked hard to put up walls.

  • John and Teresa Decker from Quakertown Morning Star sent us a wonderful offering which enabled us to pour the cement roof. 

Peckville church group from Blakly PA came with some money to continue the work. We really needed the space. There was no room for the children so they sat on the floor.    We really appreciate the work they did.

By Christmas we were able to have our Christmas meal in the church even though it was full of cement bags and dirt.  

Then the Quakertown team came, led by Cyndy and Glenn.  They really blessed us with their talents and hard work.  

They came with some talented artists and instead of just painting the front of the church, they painted a mural.  It looks beautiful.

Our Christians are so thankful for all the teams that came to help us.  They are poor and would not have been able to get this church building done by themselves.  But they wanted to do all they could.  So they had a bake sale and clothes sale and were able to buy paint.  They have painted the church and it looks so nice.

  • Thank you very much, teams, for helping us plant a church in the Dominicn Republic.   We really appreciate you. God will reward both the givers and the goers.




viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

April in Pennsylvania - cold

                          What a welcome we got!
We left The Dominican Republic with temperatures in the 80's.
Pennsylvania was still thawing out from their very cold windter. It rained without stopping for day and our bodies complained.  But we survived.  We're enjoying very much meeting friends.

We come to give a stock- holders report to the churches and people who have invested in the Dominican Republic. The pastor and his wife (most are good sports)are dressed up in this Dominican costume. We  tell a victory story of how they got saved. We even show them our pets.

Twenty years ago we came to Pennsylvania to begin working with the Assemblies of God.  We met an interesting couple, Glen and Luli Stoltzfus.  Glen's family came from an Amish background. Luli was a Bolivian girl.  They met in Bible school, fell in love and got married.  Soon they welcomed a baby boy, Jordan.  Then Jonathan was born into the family.  After the first joy and delight, they were shocked to find that Jonathan was missing part of his leg.  The femur bone wasn't there.  His knee was where his hip joint was suposed to be.

We became friends as they worked through the realization that their baby would be handicapped.  Later they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Julia.  Years passed and we stayed with the Stoltzfus family when in the States.

                          What happened to Jonathan?

He grew to be a the sweetest young man who really loves Jesus. He is loved and has many friends dispite limping along on his artificial leg.  After he graduated from High school last year, he and a couple of friends decided to walk across the United States. So he is doing it!!! Through all kinds of weather they press on.

As they walk and meet people, they love to tell them about their best friend, Jesus.  They want to win people to the Lord. 
 If you want to follow their trip go to www.achurchofus.com 

        Here's Jonathan with his friends, Jeffery, and Trevor.

What a blessing the Stoltzfus family have been to us.  They made a cozy "Prophet's chamber" for us to stay  when we're in Pennsylvania, itinerating.

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

An exciting March

We were busy this month trying to put the finishing touches on the church.  Nearly every time we had a service, the electricty would go out, leaving us in the dark.  Candles and a lamp helped some.  We decided to borrow more money and buy a generator.  What a difference it made to have a lighted church without interruption!

Our first meeting with lights was an evangelistic service for youth with a rapper.  He was good!  Many from the neighborhood came and went forward to accept the Lord. 
   It's wonderful to see young people deciding to follow Jesus

We baptized five more Christians.

Graduation is always an exciting time.  Fifteen students finished their studies and are off to work for the Lord.

It has been a busy, but happy month.