lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

An exciting March

We were busy this month trying to put the finishing touches on the church.  Nearly every time we had a service, the electricty would go out, leaving us in the dark.  Candles and a lamp helped some.  We decided to borrow more money and buy a generator.  What a difference it made to have a lighted church without interruption!

Our first meeting with lights was an evangelistic service for youth with a rapper.  He was good!  Many from the neighborhood came and went forward to accept the Lord. 
   It's wonderful to see young people deciding to follow Jesus

We baptized five more Christians.

Graduation is always an exciting time.  Fifteen students finished their studies and are off to work for the Lord.

It has been a busy, but happy month.

viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

               God is at  work in the Dominican Republic

We're pleased to see how the Lord is blessing our Saturday Bible school.  We really enjoy our work with the students.  The school continues to grow and produce workers for the Kingdom. 

            Joseph surrounded by happy young people.  They're eager to learn and love their professor.

  Johnny and Catherine are two of our Bible School students.  They are already a big help to us in our church, leading three cell groups and  teaching Sunday school.   What a blessing they are to our youth group!

Pastor Kenny (right) teaches in our Bible school as well.  He gets the students to practice what they learn.

Sorry (that's her name) is part of Johnny's cell group.  She has five children and is expecting twins.  We had a baby shower for her.  They are so poor and always need lots of  help.  Her husband works very little.

domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Quakertown Morning Star Fellowhip Team came to the rescue

What an amazing team!    Glenn Singer, Cynde and Tom Dumire had so many original projects and gave us many ideas to grow the church. 

Instead of just painting the outside of the church, they painted a mural.  It's looks wonderful now. 

They came to work and it was hard to get them to stop to eat or rest.

Festival Sabana de la Mar

 We were privileged to be part of  a great campaign with Gerry Stoltfoos in the north part of the country.  Thousands gathered in the baseball field to worship God.  Christopher Alam was the main speaker, but the local churches brought  music, dramas and dancing.

Gerry is pastor of Freedom Vallley Church in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. He brought with him Tommy Arnold, who is pastoring a church he began in Harrisburg.  Gerry's passion is to begin chuches all over the world.

An enthusiastic team came with Gerry to help.  We stayed in a hotel that looked like Flintstone Park.  It was hewn out of a mountain.  A truck was available to drive us to the baseball field, no seat belts.  What a bumpy road.  Fun!!

It was worth it all  to see several people healed and souls responding to the Gospel in the parks. We did street meetings in the mornings and the afternoons and invited people to come to the Festival.

viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

Happy New year

We had lots of family here to bring in the new year.  

We wandered through the Colonia village where Spain  made its  first colony in the west.  Interesting old building and a big plaza.  Sophial, our granddaught, was delighted to feed the pigeons. Look at  the birds on  her  head and arms.

martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

December 2013 Activities

December rolled in with a roar.

Bible school ended for the year with a Christmas meal at our home.  Over 60 students came and we had a Dominican feast.

What a Victory!!  Look at this!  We used our new church wing for the Christmas celebration.  It's wonderful to have more room.  Thank you for everyone who prayed ang gave and came to work on our church.  Lots of finishing yet to do, but the roof is on and  the floor is cement so we can use it now.  Praise God!!

Then our wonderful family came.  It's cold in Canada so, off course, the first thing they did was spend a few days at the beach.  They even went deep sea diving.

It was fun eating by the Caribbean Sea.  Joseph  enjoying the beauty with Robyn,  Amy and Steve. 

It's wonderful to have family around for Christmas.  We're enjoying our assignment in the Dominican Republic

sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013

Forging Ahead in November

November is flying by too quickly.  Dominicans love Christmas, so Christmas decorations start appearing before Hallow'en.  

The first week in November, a hard working team from Houston Pennsylvania came to help us.  It was led by the pastor's wife, Sophia Getchell.   A Christmas tree and decorations were there waiting to welcome them.  They worked hard on our church construction, ministering to the children and giving out food brought in by the Convoy of hope to the people in the neighbourhood.  

 Jeff and Becky Wiles worked along with the team.  Becky helped me feed the gang and their son David got in the action working hard with the men in the construction. 

Our building is progressing quickly, thanks to the financial investment of two generous churches,  Houston and Quakertown of Pennsylvania.  The roof is poured which is a huge blessing.  We're expecting a team, coming in January who will help us get into the church building.  Our folks are so grateful for the help they're recieving from all who have come.